About Monroe/Alexander

The Monroe/Alexander neighborhood is defined by its restaurants, bars and nightclubs, but hidden behind the evening hustle and bustle are a series of hidden residential streets with Victorian homes, wrought iron fenced front yards, and skyline views of Downtown. Some of these streets have seen significant property renovation, and opportunities still abound to own or rent a home with just a stone’s throw from downtown.

Alexander connects Rochester’s most popular streets such as Monroe, Park, and East Avenues, each with their own distinct atmosphere.


As recently as the 1950s, Monroe/Alexander and its environs represented the fringe of downtown entertainment. Its adjacent neighborhoods to the east contained the mansions of East Avenue and the large, middle class dwellings of Park Avenue – now a favorite neighborhood for students, young professionals, and well-heeled families and empty-nesters.

In the 1960s, the Monroe/Alexander area was home to a completely different culture – its hippies, boutiques, “headshops” and street-life. Eventually the boutiques and Victorian homes became the restaurants we currently enjoy.


For many in the Monroe/Alexander area, the future feels like now. Nightlife is frenetic on weekends as celebrants wander from restaurants to clubs and cafes. The future promises even more choices as the area’s revitalization into a 24/7 neighborhood creates an even greater market for upscale entertainment and shopping.

Learn about the planned Inner Loop East Project which consists of filling in a portion of the Inner Loop to create pedestrian-friendly city streets and large stretches of developable land. Such a move would reconnect the neighborhood’s severed streets with Downtown proper. A former hospital campus on the corner of Monroe and Alexander is being turned into a large mixed use complex with offices, restaurants, retail and apartments.