Discover the amazingly unique living spaces of downtown and why so many people choose to live here in the Downtown Living Video  jointly produced by CGI Communications and RDDC.

Why live Downtown?

Within walking distance there are plenty of arts, concert & sporting venues, hundreds of restaurants, and some of Rochester’s best festivals!

With over 6,000 residents and many more residential projects underway, downtown is being transformed from a 9 to 5 business district into a 24/7 urban neighborhood.


Find a Loft or Apartment!

Within an area that is only 1 square mile, there is a great variety of living options for people of every profession and age. Whether you’re seeking a quiet neighborhood with tree lined streets or loft living in the heart of the city, you can find every downtown apartment building on our comprehensive Lofts & Apartments Search page!


Go in Depth.

Want to know more about the downtown Rochester real estate market? We annually publish the Downtown Housing Market Report with detailed information on downtown housing such as: Vacancy Rate, Rent, Demographics, and more.

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