Woodbury Place

Woodbury Place is a mixed-use project involving the conversion of 3 loft style buildings into 44 apartments, office, and retail space. The developer teamed up with the Geva Theater Center, which has signed a 10-year lease on 11 apartments to house visiting artists and actors.

Address: 1 Woodbury Blvd.
Type: Housing/Mixed-Use
Status: Complete
Investment: $7 Million
Developer: Dutton and Co. & Eduard Nakhamkin
Project Website: http://onewoodbury.com/
Project News: Merkel Donohue Building Conversion Underway (9/25/14)
Woodbury Place: Your next place to live & build a business (7/10/15)
A new home for Geva's Artists (7/25/14)
Geva fuels redevelopment of buildings (7/22/14)
Press Conference Photos (7/22/14)
Work begins on Woodbury place (7/9/14)

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