The Metropolitan (former Chase Tower)

Renderings courtesy of Gallina Development and Hanlon Architects

The 26 story Chase Tower is being redeveloped into a mixed use commercial and residential building.
-Floors 4-13 will remain commercial office space.
-Floors 14-21 will be converted into for rent apartments.
-Floors 22-26 will be converted into for-sale condominiums.

The building features 13 floors of high-rise residential living space.┬áChase will remain in the tower’s office space and the Chase Bank Branch will stay on the 1st level as well. The construction for the lobby restaurant is underway.

Address: 219 East Main Street
Type: Housing/Mixed-Use
Status: Under Construction
Investment: $35.4 Million
Developer: Gallina Development
Project Website:
Project News: Going metro: The Chase Tower sports a new name and plans for residential tenants to arrive in the spring. (11/6/15)
Signs of change in downtown (5/12/15)
Chase Tower price tag: $5.4 Million (3/19/15)
Gallina Development acquires Chase Tower (3/17/15)
Chase Tower has new owners (3/17/15)
Changes coming to Chase Tower (3/17/15)
New plans for the Chase Tower (3/17/15)

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