CGI World Headquarters Expansion

CGI will be creating a state-of-the-art mixed use urban campus in the heart of downtown spanning three Main Street buildings.

The Granite Building
Retail-Tenant Space-Condos
CGI’s current home along with some of Atrium Building will be converted into 40+ luxury condos. Tenants will have access to all of the mixed use amenities of the Atrium Building.

The Atrium Building
Tenant Space-Mixed Amenities-Indoor Parking
New amenities will be added to the building such as a fitness center, daycare, bowling lanes, and golf simulator. The basement and first floor of the Atrium Building will be converted to indoor parking.

The Gateway Building
Commercial Space-Indoor Parking
With 350 current CGI employees, and a plan to occupy 200,000 square feet of the new space we can comfortably expand to 550 employees over the next 5 years. The basement, first, and second floors of the Gateway Center will be converted to parking for a total of 350 new spaces. The buildings office space will be completely renovated into a state-of-the-art urban campus.

Address: 130 East Main Street
Type: Housing/Mixed-Use
Status: Under Construction
Investment: $50 million
Developer: CGI Communications
Project Website:
Project News: Muscle-car museum coming to downtown Rochester (2/2/17)

CGI to move, add 200 workers (6/11/15)
CGI to buy county buildings on Main St. (6/10/15)

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