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Discover why so many businesses make downtown Rochester their home in Downtown Rising: The Best Address for Business 

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We maintain a listing of over 90 downtown commercial buildings encompassing millions of square feet of competitive office space. If you’re seeking office space downtown, visit our comprehensive Commercial Real Estate Search page.


Learn More About Downtown

Our annual Downtown Market Reports deliver detailed information on the downtown office space market, residential market, and fast facts about downtown development.  Our Downtown Investment Map  has details on the numerous development projects happening downtown.


Seeking Assistance?

Our Financial Incentives Page has a list of county, state, private, and other funding sources for those seeking to do business downtown.

Our Business Resources Page features non-financial guidance and assistance for those looking to start, grow, or maintain their business downtown.


Go in Depth.

Want to know more about the downtown Rochester office real estate market? We annually publish the Downtown Office Space Survey Report with detailed information on such as: Vacancy Rates, For Sale Properties,  Rent Rates, and more.